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Who is Fibrent?


Here at Fibrent, we are excited to offer an unparalleled user experience in fibre optic broadband. We started our service in the Summer of 2013 after running a number of tests on our fibre optic guinea pigs!*

Unlike other providers, we have absolutely no fair usage policies and we don't cap speeds. We use a network built by our partners Entanet who have been running broadband services since before we can remember that crazy dial-up tone that we all thought was the sound of the future (1996, by the way!)

We welcome all customers whether you're thinking of using our services at home, for a small business, multinational corporations, schools, charities... and we endeavour to suit your needs and requirements.

Our extensive history in IT solutions means that we understand what it takes to maintain a service of the highest quality. We've been providing phone services, IT consultancy services and IT repairs for some time.

* No guinea pigs were harmed (or even used) in the testing of our services. It turns out they couldn't work out how to use a computer so we did our tests with a few humans instead.

Where did Fibrent come from?

As IT specicialists, we were looking around for a fibre broadband service which we knew we could depend on. We found this very difficult; many companies use customer service centres which fall far below our expectations of satifactory service. Other problems include issues with reliability, supposedly "fair" usage policies or download limits which are incompatible with today's new media centred internet requirements.

We knew what we had to do. With this in mind, we decided to source our reputable partners Entanet who have been a key player in creating the UK’s ever expanding communications network. You can read more about them here.

By creating our service, we promised to:

  • Provide the most reliable service possible
  • Not have any "fair usage" policies
  • Provide a choice of products which include basic usage services and truly unlimited services
  • Provide a static IP address as standard for free - we don't think there's anything wrong with geeks who want to run servers in their basement!
  • Provide 24/7/365 UK based technical support

Who owns Fibrent?

Fibrent is a trading name of Advanced Technical Support Ltd. Check out the company website at

Where is the Fibre and who owns it?

As with most fibre products in the UK, the infrastructure between your local telephone exchange and your house is owned by BT (the exceptions being Virgin Media, or KC if you live in Hull). We have searched high and low to find the best infrastructure in the UK and decided to partner with Entanet who's network is the envy of many telecommunications companies. You can read more about the network on our "Tech Talk" pages.

Can I find out any technical details about your services?

Yes, of course. We're very proud of our fibre optic broadband and we'd love to share the intricacies of our service with you. In fact, we'd love nothing more than to boast about what makes us better than any other provider! Head over to our "Tech Talk" pages to find out more.


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It looks like all of services are up and running correctly, as you'd expect of course!

If you think you're experiencing problems, contact us and we'll sort it out pronto...